Back 2 Kidz @ KidZania

It was a really great pleasure for me to have this kind of opportunity to become a kid, again. This gratefulness I dedicated solely to of course.....*drum roll sound*


(Anyway my name is Najihah, not Nadhirah. But it's ok. Things happened :) )

Thank you so much guys for the complimentary tickets for two. We reallyyyyyyyyyyy enjoy each and every activities in this place. From a junior police officer to a reporter, to a optometrist and many more. 

Guys!!! I can assure you 1 thing. Ok? You will never regret this! Seriously! This is the place where every dreams will surely come true. You know, where everyone used to have so called kid's imaginary to become a pilot, a doctor, a pharmacist and many more. AND!!! In this place, you can be anything you want. Like, I am not joking around guys!

You can experience everything. You'll dealing with real machine. Yeah. No joking guys. I am telling you only the truth. Amazing much huh? Yes. I know. I was really impressed by how the education was delivered in this place. Check out this video. 

Other than that, you'll not get lost. No worries cause you will be assisted by the person in charge in that working area where you will be given a task and to be completed in within time given. When you have finish your task, you'll be rewarded with salary. And for sure, it's in kidoz currency. You can spend your salary on your way out after you finish your 'working time'. 

Ain't it interesting much guys? Embracing our old times where we used to be everything in one day. Act like nothing happen?

It was really fun. Seriously guys!!!! Why don't you try it yourself? Forget about everything and just...have fun @ KidZania for #Beck2Kidz event! They're open for public on 22nd August & 29th August from 6pm - 9.30pm. You may log on to their Official Website / Ticketcharge to purchase your tickets now! 

Let's spend your evening together with KidZania for #Back2Kid . Roll up your sleeve, chilling with to music and games or blazing through the job trail with KidZania Kuala Lumpur. 

Note: This event is open only for adults.

Meanwhile, lets embrace this moment together....

(the truth is, I just can't move on. Hey Darryl, I want to enter KidZania, again. Shall i?) 




Ok, you are please to get jelly jelly now. hiks

Photo Credit: Fawwaz Azuar